Phycocyanin Calibration Standard

Amiscience's low-cost phycocyanin primary calibration standard is designed and formulated for Amiscience's handheld fluorometers or other manufacturer's equivalent, and is even suitable for submersible probes. Each calibration standard is stored in a 100mL bottle. One simply adds 100mL of water into the bottle to re-constitute the standard before performing the calibration on handheld fluorometers. The solution can be further diluted to 500mL as required for calibrating submersible probes.

Part Number: STD-PC-100ML


  • Low cost and convenient.
  • Simply add distilled water to re-constitute the standard.
  • Final volume: 100mL to 500mL depending on desired dilution factor.
  • Final concentration: 500-ppb to 3000-ppb depending on dilution factor (1x-5x) and batches (shown on each kit).
  • Each batch is certified by colorimetric and fluorometric methods.
  • Shipped at room temperature and stored at 4 deg-C.
  • Shelf-life of more than 3 months.

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