Bacteria Enzyme Confirmation Test Card

EZTest bacteria enzyme confirmation test utilizes a fluorogenic substrate which, when hydrolyzed by a specific enzyme of the target organism, produces a blue/white fluorescence, or purple/blue color upon the addition of a color developer. This quick test makes the bacteria confirmation possible from the first-culture plate after 24 hours of incubation of your sample.

Available in 9 Different Tests

  • EZTest-ECOL-48: E.Coli
  • EZTest-TCOL-48: Total Coliform
  • FEZTest-FCOL-48: Fecal Coliform
  • EZTest-SALM-48: Salmonella
  • EZTest-ENTC-48: Enterococcus
  • EZTest-GRAM-48: Gram+/Gram- Differentiation
  • EZTest-GONR-48: Neisseria Gonorrhea
  • EZTest-STRA-48: Group A Streptococcus
  • EZTest-STPH-48: Staphylococcus Aureus


  • Each kits contains 12 cards, 4 tests per card.
  • Each kits contains one reagent bottle, and one color developer when applicable.
  • Simple test steps: (1) Grow sample in common culture plate for 24 hours. (2) Apply Reagent A on test spot. (3) Obtain colony sample and smear on the test spot. (4) Apply Reagent B if supplied. (5) Observe the result.
  • Test time less than 10 minutes.

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