Water Tracing Using Fluorescent Dye

Water-tracing dyes can be used in many useful applications. By adding dye to the water system in question, we can conduct plumbing/piping tracing, leak detection, checking for illegal tapping, pollution studies, natural waterflow analysis (rivers, lakes, ocean currents, cave waterflows, groundwater filtration, etc.), and sewer and stormwater analysis. Amiscience offers three light-weight FluoroQuik handheld fluorometers for detecting common types of water tracing dyes: PTSA, fluorescein, and Rhodamine WT. Its exceptional sensitivity, rapid-reading, and reliability in a convenient field kit can be used to detect trace amount (less than 1 ppb) of tracing dye with one single step, right on the spot. Built-in USB interface allows user to retrieve up to 3x80 data points for analysis in the laboratory. We can also provide dual-channel model of your wavelength selections for more flexible applications.

Model Number:
  • FQ-PTSA-C: PTSA (Use 1-cm cuvette)
  • FQ-FLCN-C: Fluorescene (Use 1-cm cuvette)
  • FQ-RHDM-C: Rhodamine WT (Use 1-cm cuvette)
  • Specifications

    • Product Type: Single Tube Fluorometer
    • Read Type: Discrete
    • Sample Volume: 1-mL using standard 1-cm cuvette.
    • Detection Limit: 1-ppb of dye dissolved in water
    • Dynamic Range: > 5 Orders of Magnitude
    • Read Out: RFU or Direct Concentration
    • Calibration: Two-Point Calibration (blank and standard)
    • User Interface: Touch Screen LCD Display
    • Power: 4 AA Batteries or 5V DC Power Adaptor
    • Computer Interface: USB Interface to Retrieve up to 80x3 Data Points
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 185mm x 90mm x 35mm


    • Drinking Water Monitoring
    • Natural Water Resource Monitoring
    • Environmental Study
    • Water-Cooling Systems

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