Cyanobacteria Monitoring Fluorometer Kit

Amiscience's FluoroQuik cyanobacteria dual-channel fluorometer kit is a low cost hand held instrument for use in the field or the laboratory. Its simple touch screen design allows for fast and direct measurements of Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, or Chlorophyll, and the ratio between two of them (factory-set) in a single read-out. Units can be read out in RFUs or in standard concentration units of ug/L. Useful for tracking dynamic changes in phytoplankton communities within a waterbody and assisting in the forecasting of potential harmful algal or cyanobacterial blooms, it is currently being used by the Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative ( as a low cost tool for lake associations, drinking water utilities, local, and state and federal entities to monitor real time water quality conditions. The FluoroQuik operates on either DC AA batteries for in the field use or AC power for benchtop use. The fluorometer comes equipped with a protective carrying case, starter cuvettes and pipettes, and software for internal data storage and retrieval.

Model Number:
  • FK-PC-CHL/IV-RATIO-C: Phycocyanin and in-vivo Chlorophyll-a
  • FK-PC-PE-RATIO-C: Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin
  • FK-PE-CHL/IV-RATIO-C: Phycoerythrin and in-vivo Chlorophyll-a
  • Specifications

    • Product Type: Single Tube Fluorometer
    • Read Type: Discrete
    • Sample Volume: 1 to 3.5-mL using standard 1-cm square cuvette. (64pcs of plastic cuvette with cap included in the field kit.)
    • Rapid (5 seconds reading) and highly sensitive (PC/PE: 1.0-ppb, CHL: 0.2-ppb).
    • Wide measurement range (PC/PE: 0-20,000-ppb, CHL: 0-1,000-ppb, extracted).
    • Measure and display two of PC, CHL, or PE (factory-set), and the ratio in one single step.
    • Dynamic Range: > 5 Orders of Magnitude
    • Read Out: RFU or Direct Concentration
    • Calibration: Two-Point Calibration (blank and standard)
    • User Interface: Touch Screen LCD Display
    • Power: 4 AA Batteries or 5V DC Power Adaptor
    • Computer Interface: USB Interface to Retrieve up to 80x3 Data Points
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 185mm x 90mm x 35mm


    • Drinking Water Monitoring
    • Natural Water Resource Monitoring
    • Reservior and Lake Management
    • Environmental Study
    • Power Plant Monitoring

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