Handheld Test Strip Reader

Based on advanced optical and electrical designs, the Amiscience handheld test strip reader takes the guesswork out of reading your colorimetric test strips. Instead of estimating the value by comparing with a discrete color chart, the test strip reader gives you a numerical value by measuring the sample pad's reflectance of a fixed wavelength. It provides superb consistency and reliability, while at a much lower cost compared to all sophisticated products on the market. We will configure the reader based on the physical and optical specifications of your test strips for you. Contact Amiscience for more details.

Part Number: CQS-nnn (nnn=wavelength)


  • Measured OD range: 0 to 2
  • Repeatability: <3% variation
  • 3 assay selections with easy calibration steps
  • On-board memory to store up to 80 data on each assay
  • Wide ragen of wavelength selection available


  • Easy tough screen operation
  • High repeatability and reliability
  • Portable, operated by 4X AA batteries or power adaptor

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