Ammonia-Ammoniun Quantification Assay

AMMONIA (NH3) or its ion form ammonium (NH4+) is an important source of nitrogen for living systems. Ammonia is found in the atmosphere, rainwater, soil, seawater, volcanic areas. It is widely used as fertilizer, cleaner, antimicrobial agents and in fermentation and chemical synthesis. Amiscience's convenient assay uses o-phthalaldehyde reagent to directly measure NH3/ NH4+. The fluorescence intensity measured using FluoroQuik handheld fluorometer at ex/em = 360/460nm is directly proportionate to the NH3 concentration in the sample.

Part Number: FNH3-200


  • Sample: Urine, soil extracts, swimming pool samples etc.
  • Assay Performance:
    • Sufficient for about 200 tests.
    • Linear Detection Range: 0 to 1mM (0 -17ppm).
    • Detection Limit: 30uM (0.5ppm).
    • Typical Precision (CV%): <2% at 1mM; <4% at 0.25mM.
  • Shipping and storage: The kit is shipped at in dry ince. Store Reagents A and B at -20 deg-C, Assay Buffer and Standard at 2-8 deg-C. Shelf life: 12 months after receipt.

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