IncuBact E. Coli Detectoin Field Kit

The IncuBact is a convenient e.coli field detection kit utilizing Amiscience's handheld fluorometer with built-in thermal heater for in-situ incubation-and-detection. After the sample is prepared in the 0.5-mL sample tube, it is placed in the handheld fluorometer maintained at 38C for incubation. During the incubation procedure, the e.coli bacteria release an enzyme which reacts with the incubation media to produce a fluorescence signal and detected by the fluorometer. If the signal growth reaches a pre-defined threshold, a positive test is confirmed. Due to the high sensitivity of the fluorometer, one CFU can be detected within as short as 12 hours of incubation. The in-situ detection also provides the early-warning capability for users to identify the presence of e.coli within a shorter time if the quantity of e.coli is higher. By using the "threshold time" of signal growth, one can also quantitatively determine the "CFU number" of e.coli bacteria in the original sample.

Part Number: Field kit (FK-IB-ECOL) including:
  • FQT-ECOL-B: IncuBact Handheld Thermal Fluorometer
  • IB-ECOL-50: E.coli Detection Assay Kit for 50 tests
  • CC-1264: Field Carry Case
  • Features

    • Simple sample preparation
    • In-situ incubation and monitoring
    • Highly sensitive and portable
    • Low per-test cost


    • Sample: Surface sample collected by swab, or 0.5-mL water sample.
    • Assay Performance:
      • Sufficient for 50 test.
      • Incubatoin time: 3-12 hours.
      • Detection limit: 1-CFU/sampling.
    • Shipping and storage: The kit is shipped at room temperature. Store the reagents at room tempearture. Shelf life: 12 months.

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