Cholesterol Quantification Assay

CHOLESTEROL is a sterol in the cell membranes, and is transported in the bloodstream of all animals. Elevated levels (hypercholesterolemia) have been associated with cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis; whereas, low levels (hypocholesterolemia) may be linked to depression, cancer and cerebral hemorrhage. Amiscience's Cholesterol Assay uses a single Working Reagent that combines cholesterol ester hydrolysis, oxidation and color reaction in one step. The fluorescence intensity, measured using FluoroQuik handheld fluorometer (ex/em = 530/590nm), is directly proportional to total cholesterol concentration in the sample.

Part Number: F2CH-100


  • Sample: Serum, plasma, and other biological samples.
  • Assay Performance:
    • Sufficient for about 100 tests.
    • Linear Detection Range: 0 to 300 mg/dL.
    • Detection Limit: 1 mg/dL.
  • Shipping and storage: the kit is shipped on ice. Store all reagents at -20°C. Shelf life: 6 months after receipt.

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