Total Protein Quantification Assay

The Melamine-Insensitive Milk Total Protein Quantification Kit is a colorimetric assay for the determination of protein in milk, powdered milk, cream, ice cream and chocolate drink. This kit uses a dye-binding assay to determine total protein in milk and other dairy products. The kit enables international and government regulatory agencies, food manufacturers and processors, as well as quality assurance organizations, to determine protein levels in dairy products in response to customer concerns about food safety. The test is based on a proven AOAC-approved method for milk protein determination. The assay detects the specific binding of milk proteins to dye molecules. This detection is fundamentally different than that of some other protein determination methods (such as the Kjeldahl method) which detect protein via nitrogen and are vulnerable to contamination of amine containing impurities such as melamine. This kit provides accurate, proven results even in the presence of high levels of melamine.

Part Number: MKPT-90


  • Rapid and simple method (modified version of AOAC method) less than 10 minutes
  • Minimal sample prep
  • Highly accurate and reproducible
  • Not influenced by the presence of melamine in samples (<2 mg/mL in milk)

The kit is designed to be used with the Amiscience Protein Meter (model number: MK-490-A). The kit contains dye standard that can be used to construct a linear calibration curve and verify assay performance.


Samples: milk, powdered milk, cream, ice cream and chocolate drink, etc.
Assay Performance:
  • Sufficient for 90samples
  • Rapid (<10min), convenient, sensitive, and accurate compared to most methods
  • High portability using handheld colorimeter for accurate on-site quantitative measurement
  • Precise and linear detection range: 0 - 4% protein
  • Single-test possible at a time using included Standard, saving the money for calibration samples
Shipping and storage: The kit is shipped in cold pack. Store Reagents at room temperature. Shelf life: 6 months after receipt

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