Handheld Protein Meter

Specially designed to work with Amiscience's Melamine-Insensitive Milk Total Protein Quantification Kit, this portable instrument provides exceptional sensitivity, repeatability, and reliability for a much lower cost compared to the market standards. This meter can measure the total protein concentration with a simple calibration process using the touch screen. Built-in USB interface allows users to retrieve up to 80 data points for each of the three assay settings. The portability allows the users to conduct measurement in the dairy farms or on milk collection trucks.

Model Number: MK-490-A


  • Product Type: Single Tube Colorimeter
  • Read Type: Discrete
  • Sample Volume: 250uL with Semi-micro Cuvette
  • Linear Signal Variation: <0.5% Typical
  • Detection Wavelength Selections (nm): Standard: 490
  • Dynamic Range: >5 Orders of Magnitude
  • Read Out: Photo-Current Count, OD, or Nominal Value
  • Calibration: Two-Point Calibration (blank and standard)
  • User Interface: Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Power: 4 AA Batteries or 5V DC Power Adaptor
  • Computer Interface: USB Interface to Retrieve up to 3x80 Data Points
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 185mm x 90mm x 35mm


  • Protein Determination in dairy Products

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