Ascorbic Acid Quantification Assay

Ascorbic acid (the L-enantiomer commonly known as vitamin C) is an important antioxidant found in living organisms and applied as additives in food and other industrial processes. By reacting with reactive oxygen species, it protects the cell from oxidative damages. Amiscience's method provides a simple, direct and high-throughput assay for measuring ascorbic acid. In this assay, ascorbic acid is oxidized by ascorbate oxidase resulting in the production of H2O2 which reacts with a specific dye to form a pink colored product. The fluorescence intensity at ex/em=530nm/590nm is directly proportional to the acetate concentration in the sample.

Part Number: FASC-100


  • Sample: serum, plasma, urine, saliva, milk, tissue, and cell culture.
  • Assay Performance:
    • Sufficient for about 100 tests.
    • Use only 20uL sample.
    • Linear detection range: 1 to 100 uM.
  • Shipping and storage: the kit is shipped on ice. Store reagents at -20 deg-C. Shelf life of 12 months after receipt.

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