Handheld Fluorometer With Temperature Control

FluoroQuik Thermal (TM) is a unique handheld fluorometer with integrated internal heater that maintains a constant temperature in the test chamber. This compact instrument offers a consistent environment for your fluorescent samples that are temperature sensitive. This feature is especially important when doing kinetic measurement over a period of time. The temperature can be conveniently set between 10 to 60 degree C using the user-friendly touch screen.

    Available model: (excitation/emission wavelength)
  • FQT-360/460-A, -B, -C
  • FQT-480/530-A, -B, -C
  • FQT-530/590-A, -B, -C
  • FQT-600/650-A, -B, -C
  • FQT-440/680-A, -B, -C
  • Other options possible.


  • Product Type: Single Tube Fluorometer
  • Read Type: Discrete
  • Sample Volume: 100 uL using mini glass tube, 200 uL using PCR tube (-A model), or 500 uL using micro-centrifuge tube (-B model), or 1 mL using 1-cm cuvette (-C model).
  • Excitation Wavelength Selections (nm):
    Standard: 360, 440, 480, 530, 600
    Optional: Please contact us
  • Detection Wavelength Selections (nm):
    Standard: 460, 530, 590, 650, 680
    Optional: Please contact us
  • Dynamic Range: > 6 Orders of Magnitude, Assay Dependent
  • Temperature Range: 10-60 deg-C (and above Ambient)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/-1 deg-C
  • Temperature Stability: +/-0.5 deg-C
  • Read Out: RFU or Direct Concentration
  • Calibration: Two-Point Calibration
  • User Interface: Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Power: 6V DC Power Adaptor
  • Computer Interface: USB Interface to Retrieve up to 80x2 Data Points
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 185mm x 90mm x 35mm


  • Drinking Water Monitoring
  • Food Safety
  • Natural Water Body Study
  • Heavy Metal Detection
  • Bacteria Detection
  • Blood Analysis
  • DNA Labeling
  • Sanitation Monitoring
  • Medical/Decease Diagnosis
  • Environmental Study
  • Pesticide Control

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