Total Organism Quantification Assay for Milk

Milk provides a wealth of nutrition benefits. But raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to consumers. Current regulations restrict the total bacteria count in milk to a certain level. The conventional way using somatic cell count is not a quantitative method, and the culture method requires extended period of time (>24 hours) to obtain results. Therefore, a rapid test to quantify total organism in raw milk is essential for the milk producers and processors to segregate different grade of milks quickly, especially in the field without laboratory setup. Our BactTest rapid detection system utilizes a fluorogenic substrate which, when hydrolyzed by specific enzymes of bacteria (during peptide hydrolysis), produces a fluorescence signal which is conveniently read by our handheld fluorometer.

Part Number: FK-TORG-M50-ET


    Samples: Raw milk
    Assay Performance:
    • Rapid (<30-minute), convenient, and sensitive.
    • High portability using handheld colorimeter for accurate on-site quantitative measurement
    • Sensitivity: 10,000 cfu/sampling

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